Donna Kelce won’t get involved in Jason Kelce’s ‘very personal’ decision to retire after Eagles season

Retirement has been on the mind of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce for some time.

The Amazon Prime Video documentary “Kelce” showed the Philly legend struggling with emotions trying to decide whether to play in 2023. Ultimately, he decided to return to the Eagles to make another Super Bowl run.

Kelce also touched on retirement recently.


Jason Kelce hugs mother Donna Kelce

Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce attend Friday Night Football Presents The World Premiere of “Kelce” on September 8, 2023, in Philadelphia. (Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Prime Video)

“You know, I think it’s a lot, and I think the way we’ve justified it as a family is that this is going to be over here pretty soon,” he told NFL Network. “If it’s this year, which it very well could be, we want to make sure we’re ready to go when football is over, and with all these different opportunities and things, figure out what it is that we want to do with our retirement. And after that, just enjoy the last time you have left with the kids you have.”

Donna Kelce, Jason’s mother who has been in the news since her sons faced each other in the Super Bowl earlier this year, understands how Jason’s decision is “very personal.”


Of course, a mother’s advice goes a long way, but she told Fox News Digital that she’s not telling him what to do under any circumstances.

Jason and Travis Kelce talk to mother Donna Kelce

Donna Kelce gives cookies to sons Jason Kelce, left, of the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs during opening night of Super Bowl LVII presented by Fast Twitch at the Footprint Center on Feb. 6, 2023, in Phoenix, Ariz. . (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

“You don’t want to tell someone that this is what you should do with your life and career because it can come back to haunt you later,” she explained. “As a parent, you don’t want your kids to not want to talk to you or just think you’re interfering too much. I think that’s basically it.

“They know the pros and cons, they know very well how their bodies feel after the season is over. They can decide what’s better: Having another year out there or not knowing what you want to do. It’s just a personal decision and no one can make it for them.”

Kelce added that her son has “been crazy” for the past five years or so in terms of retirement.

The Cincinnati product has been a steady center for the Eagles since being selected in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He is a six-time Pro Bowler, five-time All-Pro and Super Bowl champion, despite falling to his brother, Travis Kelce. and the Kansas City Chiefs in February.

Jason Kelce

Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce reacts after a game against the Miami Dolphins at Lincoln Financial Field, Oct. 22, 2023, in Philadelphia. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

After another Eagles win last week, Kelce has 195 NFL games under his belt. And in the position he plays, he has a physical burden.

So this year could be his last, especially if the Eagles get some Super Bowl redemption. Dating a headliner like Peyton Manning or Michael Strachan is never a bad way to hang up the cleats.

And his mother would like to see a Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl again.


“I can tell you this: I hope Jason and Travis get to the Super Bowl this year and let fate decide who wins it,” he said.

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