Immigrants Leaving: Why Immigrants Are Leaving Canada in Record Numbers

NEW DELHI: The number of migrants leaving Canada, a country that relies on them to drive economic growth, has seen a record rise, according to a new study conducted by Institute of Canadian Citizenship and Conference Board of Canada.
According to the new study, the number of immigrants leaving Canada has increased in the year 2019. After 1982, the study showed that about 0.9 percent of people who received permanent citizenship left the country each year. However, in 2019, the rate increased to 1.18 percent.
In the year 2019, around 67,000 migrants chose to return to their country or move to a new one, while in 2017 the number was 60,000.
According to the study, the failure of the Canadian government to meet the expectations of immigrants led to this rate. He also highlighted how disillusionment among immigrants can slow progress even in a country that keeps setting new records for population growth.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is using immigration to quickly add more workers to stave off economic decline from an aging population. But record population growth in recent years has led to growing criticism that her policies have exacerbated existing housing shortages and added more pressure to infrastructure and services such as health care.
Commenting on the sharp rise in data, Daniel Bernhard, chief executive of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, a pro-immigration group, said a lack of enthusiasm for living in Canada, which has led some newcomers to immigrate, is also behind a sharp decline in immigrants choosing to become Canadians;
“If Canada can’t reverse these issues and can’t provide these vital services and affordability, immigrants will leave,” he added.
The CEO suggested that the country needs to work harder to make sure they are happy here, so they can contribute here, become Canadians and contribute to the common success.
He continued, “We need to realize that overall, immigrants may owe Canada less than Canada owes immigrants.”
(With information from agencies)

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